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The streaming movie service will be coming to the UK and Ireland in 'early ', with Xbox, Wii and PS3 all surely figuring in the rollout. Chic design agency Ustwo brings us a single-button game about a flying whale. And it's gorgeous. Stuart Dredge: Analysis reveals half the top grossing titles are free to play games, while in-app purchases are filtering into paid games too.

Is the new handset going to make much of a difference to iPhone games? New data outlines just how lucrative high-spending mobile social gamers are. Simon Oliver traces UK studio's path from iPhone back to console, while retaining flexibility to target other platforms. Almost half way through the year, here are the best iOS, Android and WP7 titles so far, handpicked with help from the team at PocketGamer.

How developers are learning to use intuitive movements and gestures to create a whole new generation of interactive experiences — and where this is all heading. New stats from Distimo and Newzoo claim that half of all iOS downloads are now games.

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias

Apps blog Will Android apps be worth the effort for developers in ? LostWinds breeze on to iPad and iPhone. Minecraft — review 4 out of 5 stars. Apps blog Tap Zoo was the most lucrative iPhone app in Ask Jack Wanted: Codemasters hints at the return of Dizzy.

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Netflix to arrive on UK games consoles? Book now! Enchanted from a young age by colour, motion, and sound, James divides his time between obsessing over all things digital and lamenting the death of VHS. He looks forward to a future where machines rule the earth and all political disputes are solved via one round of rock-paper-scissors.

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LostWinds playthrough [Part 3: Deo's Memories]

Such greedy cnts It is nearly impossible to give a soul on "Call Of Duty" on mobile neither for another giant on…. Wouldn't be surprised if they are going to open their own PC game store lol.

Roman Backgammon, GoNinja, and LostWinds 2 are the highest-reviewed iPhone games of Q2 2012

There is so much discontent amongst players towards pixonics skyrocketing economy pay to win and…. By James Gilmour. Seeking inspiration from public game companies' announcements of financial sales numbers every three months, the iPhone Quality Index iPhone Qi publishes its own quarterly figures. But, instead of assaulting your ears and eyes with talk of operating profit, the iPhone Quality Index quarterly round-up ranks the top 20 best-reviewed iPhone games that were released during the period April 1st - June 30th, Simple as that.

Rome rises There are some games which stand the test of time. I mean, no amount of 3D tomfoolery or fancy-shmancy bloom effects can compete with the draw of a rock-solid, time-honoured mechanic. Case in point: This mobile conversion of a classic game has found its way to the top of the iPhone Quality Index Q2 chart.

Going back to the boardgame's ancient beginnings, Roman Backgammon presents you with a slightly tweaked, subtly simplified version of the well-known tabletop time-killer. Its attractive mosaic visuals and intuitive interface have earned it critical acclaim.

So much so, in fact, that the game has acquired a superb 9. Moonlight Shadow Representing the endless-runner genre in second place on this quarterly round-up, meanwhile, comes the bloodthirsty vengeance sim GoNinja. Your master has been killed, and - as is always the way with these things - you must avenge his passing by wiping out the clan responsible for his murder. Yep, all 50, of them. It's a gruesome quest, but one that has resonated with iPhone reviewers across the planet, helping it to secure an extremely honourable 9.

A breath of fresh air Floating gracefully onto the third-placed podium is the seasonally sensational platform-puzzler LostWinds 2.

In Frontier's wonderfully inventive title, you take control of the wind itself to blow protagonist Toku past enemies and over obstacles, thus bringing him ever closer to rescuing his mother and saving the world of Mistralis. There are some novel control mechanics at work in this charming adventure, on which a number of critics have heaped praise over the past couple of months. A well-deserved 9.