Does chromecast work with samsung galaxy s4

If you have any other questions, please post them in the comments below, or use contact us page to let us know. I turned on Galaxy S4 screen mirroring, but there are no device found to share the screen. Make sure your TV is on. For Galaxy S4 screen mirroring, a peer-to-peer wireless network between the TV or the adapter and Galaxy S4 will be established privately to share the screen.

This is independent of other wireless connections. Actually, internet access is not a pre-requisite for Galaxy S4 screen mirroring. This is different from Google Chromecast. How about Galaxy Note 3? This guide also applies to Galaxy Note 3. You may check this page for more specific issues on screen mirroring on Galaxy Note 3. No, you cannot. If you turn off the display on Galaxy S4, nothing will be shown on the TV. TV simply duplicates whatever you have on the screen of S4. For brightness settings, you may check this page.

They are independent of each other. I have used wireless display and miracast before and connect my laptop via WiDi on a regular basis. I am able to connect my S4 mini and the quality is phenomenal. The issue I am having is with the sound. I have sound but the quality is poor and no bass, all treble. It sounds like the system is set to monaural even though it is not.

When my laptop is connected the sound is pristine. I assumed that the phone was incapable, but I have a friend that has a Motrola Moto X and his phone was able to play sound perfectly and as good as the laptop. I believe that all the settings on the surround sound receiver are correct, because I have not changed anything and my laptop works and the Moto X worked all with the same settings.

Setting up Chromecast with my Samsung device

I have read most of your tips and guides and I have tried different sound sources and they all came through poorly. Again sound sources from youtube, netflix,music stored on the device, spotify, soundcloud etc. I have tried additional sources, but I do not believe it is the source of the sound or my surround receiver. Do you have any suggestions for me? I appreciate any help. Hi I tried to screen mirror from my s3 4g lte france with android 4.

Not sure. Normally smartphones or tablets are considered as small screen so they seldom act as receivers. Samsung has group play the new one, not the old one that can partially limited share the screen among Samsung devices. But it does not work on your devices. It needs S4 or later models. Most laptops are senders e. I had a quick question. To where the audio comes out first them the characters talk after it. Is There a way too fix that. I understand I have to buy the adapter n wire , is that cheapest option for me? You can mirror everything on your S4 to the TV. Netgear PTV works very well.

If your main usage is streaming, or even casting from your home PC, Chromecast is another option. You may check this guide: Please understand the limitations of Chromecast. It is not a replacement for Mircast adapter. They work differently. I have the s5 and a newer Samsung tv.

The TV has allshare and has my phone under screen share as allowed. Any suggestions? Did you check the settings on the TV? It usually is located at: In other words, TV can scan and find your phone, but your phone cannot find TV. This is a bit strange. Anyway, I still think it is probably related to some settings in the TV, not on the phone on which you just need enable wifi. Yes exactly. I see the model number of the galaxy on the tv but when I hit screen mirror on the phone it scans and finds nothing. I have a Blaupunkt New York multimedia system in my car.

I just had a Carphone unit with Miracast installed so that the gps app Waze could be mirrored onto the built-in screen. Why is this happening and what can I do to prevent it? Thanks, Susan. Miracast is still new. The hardware compatibility and performance are still among some big issues with this technology. When you purchase such devices, you need check with the vendor whether the pair can play together nicely.

Our Honda dealer knew that I wanted to mirror Waze onto the Blaupunkt system. The Blaupunkt system was also offered and installed by the dealer.

What is Galaxy S4 screen mirroring?

The dealer supplied and installed the Miracast unit. It seems to me that the unit has 2 modes: The only way I can listen to music is to get it through the cell phone. Not ideal. Is there another way it could have been installed so that the mirroring runs in the background and I can still listen to music? Maybe, such a feature simultaneous miracast and radio is not supported. Anyway, the dealer may have more knowledge on the capabilities of the system. In Galaxy S4, screen mirroring simply transfer the display and audio to the Miracast-enabled device receiver through local WiFi network created by the Mircast-enabled receiver.

You should be able to play music on S4 when screen mirroring is active. I have a gs4 and a homesync. They were working well together until i received the 4. Any ideas? But it should still work with GS4 after kitkat update. Screen mirroring need two components: You cannot mirror one phone screen to another because both are senders only.

Your Galaxy S4 mini should search for devices in range and should discover the Netgear. But on the tv screen it still searches and says connection not made try again? Strangely enough ive got it working now. I tried to install an Intel Wireless Display update to it. It failed to install it and then the screen mirroring started working straight away. Thanks for your comment. You may try to check whether there are any updates for your phone and TV. For the phone, you need check both system update and Samsung apps update. If no updates, you can try to reboot your phone and try again.

The ultimate guide of Galaxy S4 screen mirroring - Galaxy S4 Guides

Normally,after one failed connection, you should reboot your phone before trying again. I have just bought the Samasung smart tv. My wife succeed in connecting but she has Galaxy 3 so I guess that it is not connected to any update for my phone I use galaxy 4 or TV. You can check whether there are any firmware updates from Setting—general—about device—software update—update. Is it OK? If your S4 always drop connections, it could be due to some firmware issues. Unfortunately, there are no obvious ways to test. You may check whether your S4 can connect to other Miracast-enabled devices.

Are you using any Miracast dongle? It could be caused by the Miracast dongle. I need to connect my galaxy s4 to my galaxy tab pro. They are both senders. What will I need to make my tablet a receiver. My tab is wifi compatible. Can I stream the directv app on my S4 to a allshare tv? For example, I have a TV set up without a directv cable box but have an app on my S4 to stream live directv. If you can watch the programs on your s4, then, yes, very likely, you can mirror what you can see and hear to the TV.

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Screen mirroring is local mirroring and is not streaming. You have to use your s4 to connect to the service provider, screen mirroring mirrors your s4 display and sound to the TV. This means you cannot use your phone for other jobs if you are watching the TV.

This is really annoying, due the fact that on my other phone, old Xperia P everything is working like a charm, without any additional setup…. In your S5, tap Settings—Screen mirroring. It will search for any nearby devices.

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You may check with the vendor or Samsung support. But it cannot mirror the screen. I am able to connect my S4 to my Sony Bravia smart tv. When I watch videos, the audio and picture are out of time because of this delay. Any suggestion? Sometimes, insufficient ram in S4 can be the cause. You may install Greenify to force inactive apps to sleep: I have an S4 and Bravia lcd, theft was no lagging last week and now audio and picture are out of sync by few seconds, i can not find a setting to fix this.

What is Screen Mirroring and how do I use it with my Samsung TV and Samsung mobile device?

There are no settings for this. The problem usually happens when your TV or your s4 is overloaded. You can try to reboot both of them and try again. Hi…pretty niche article…However I am facing an issue I have a miracast supporting dongle and using S4 i it gets connected but then shows an error HDCP not supported to the attached device.

Is there a way to shut it off where it remains off? And, can someone with another android see your text messages or pictures on their android via the screen mirroring feature? Thank You…. Normally, if should be turned off of you drag the slider to the left. It should not turn on automatically. If the problem persists, you may try to reboot the phone. If the screen mirroring is active, you should see the notification icon.

Most android devices are senders, not receivers, in other words, most of them can only send their screen, not displaying other screens. I have the same problem as the June 6 writer. The screen mirroring will turn off, but when I recheck it it is back on. I brought it to verizon and they rebooted it, to no avail. I called galaxy who could tell me how to correct it.

They sent me a new phone and it is still doing it. Any ideas on how to turn if off so it will stay off? It could be some bugs in the Galaxy S4 firmware. You can try to disconnect it from notification area, not just disable it.

Even if it is on, I guess it will not connect automatically. You need always manually choose the device TV to connect.

Chromecast Cast Screen Feature - How To Mirror Screen To TV

I have unlimited on my phone, and my kids have tablets with WiFi. This seems like a more reasonable use for Miracast than connecting to a television. Probably note, smartphone or tablet are usually designed as the sender, not receiver if Miracast is supported. As per FAQ, Android mirroring is not generally available yet.

However, it seems developers in Spain are testing it, so for those with root, Team Eureka has added it to the current Eureka-ROM build. If you have Does the S4 have a hardware H.

What is Screen Mirroring?

Thanks for the replies. I'm on official 4. I can cast from S4, but using CM No idea if it's possible from TouchWiz. Search for wireless display option. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer?

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